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  Rocking Dragons and Lions 

  Rocking Dragons

Our rocking dragons and lions are totally unique rocking toys.

Each rocking animal is hand carved using the same technique used for the rocking horses.

Due to the shape of their legs they are only available on a bow rocker.

Dragons can be ordered in Red, Green, Yellow or Blue, the rocking lion is as shown in the photos.


Key Characteristics

  • These rocking animals have been designed with very young children in mind and are built to be as low to the ground as possible.

  • They are very stable which allows them to easily climb on and off.

  • It is suitable for a child from approx. 16 months to 5 years. This definitely depends on the child, as some children are "ready to ride" earlier than others.

  • The Dragon stands 32in (800 mm) high from the ground to the top of the ear and 19in (480mm) ground to the top of the seat.

  • The Lion stands 34 inches (610mm)high from the ground to the top of the ear and 19 in (480mm) ground to the top of the seat

  • The stand is 51in (1300mm) long and 12in (300mm) wide.

  • There is no saddle or bridle on a dragon or a lion.

Priced at :
On bow rocker  $450 NZD + shipping


          Price includes GST



Rocking Lion side view





A rocking lion

A red rocking dragon

A green rocking dragon


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